Residential Solar

Our professional design team will custom design a solar panel system that saves you money each month and adds value to your home. No Money Down Option available. Start Saving Today!

Commercial Solar

We work with the largest suppliers and designs consultants to help bring your commercial project from ideas to cost savings each month.  

Local Family Owned Company

Our Advantages

As an independent Solar retailer and installer, we are able to choose the best components for your specific project. We can even start off with a small solar project and add on later if your needs change. Our design team partners have over 37 years combined experience.

  • There has never been a better time than right now to Go Solar. Electricity prices continue to rise yet solar panel systems have dropped to an all time low. As home installations continue to grow as much as 200% per year, the cost of solar will begin to rise, reducing your savings. We are able to help residential customers cut their electric bills from 50% to 100% for No MONEY DOWN and a lifetime savings of $60,000 to $240,000. 

  • New Battery Backup solutions for MicroGrid tied Inverter Systems. 

Important News!


  • CT SREC's  are here. Get paid for generating clean renewable energy.

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